Foreigners Behaving Badly in China

Media in China often write stories about the rude behavior of mainland China tourists when they go abroad. On the Chinese site, female blogger Baibai admonishes rude Chinese behavior, and argues that foreigners in China behave terribly as well.

In her article, Baibai wrote that she appreciated attention being pointed at rude behavior. She hopes Chinese going abroad will become more civilized over time.

She also hopes that the feral expats marauding across China learn manners and civility as well. Here’s a translated paraphrasing of her argument:

Rude foreigners in China

China welcomes foreigners, but we should look at the quality of the ones we let in. Here’s a photo taken on the Shanghai Metro Line 6 train. A group of foreigners were doing loud slapstick, swinging around like wild animals.

crazy expats on the train
Wild foreigners in Shanghai

There was a survey taken in 2014 that Chinese ranked as the world’s second worst tourists. The worst ranked were Americans.

Here’s a photo taken in Hebei Province, at the ancient Jinshanling Great Wall. The public toilet is a few hundred meters away from this ancient section of wall:

expat piss on Great Wall
Expat pissing on the Great Wall

The Great Wall Tourist Tower there sometimes gets rented to foreigners to hold parties. 1,300 people will stay here all night, drinking, smoking marijuana, sleeping in tents and living in filth.

Here’s another public pissing shot, taken in Shanghai – a six expatriate collective piss-off. Two of the foreigners were identified from this picture. They were tracked down and fined 100 yuan each.

expat highway piss
Collective Shanghai expat piss-off

This foreigner got shitfaced at noon and pissed on a public bus in Nanjing:

Nanjing expat piss
Shitfaced piss on Nanjing bus

Here is one of many sexpats, who come to China in their old age and use their money to get young Chinese girlfriends:

dirty sexpat
The fountain of youth in Asia

Look at these two savages at a Qingdao night party:

Dirty savage epxats
Expats behaving like savages

This ignorant American is sitting right where he belongs, it seems:

ignorant American
Ignorant trashy American

How would you like your daughter hooking up with this wholesome fellow?

black boyfriend
Scary foreigner boyfriend

From Qiandao Lake in Zhejiang Province. Three French men defied “no swimming” warning signs. Resort staff asked them to get out of the water, but they refused and kept swimming for 20 minutes. Finally an angry staffer picked up a rock and threatened to throw it at them unless they got out. A scuffle ensued.

Rude French expats

Expat monkey sitting in a tree, for no apparent reason:

expat tree freak
Expat freak in a tree


It should only be civilized people who are allowed to travel. I hope the media continues to pick up on cases of rude behavior overseas. Chinese people have a lot to learn about behaving properly abroad.

Given their behavior in China, foreigners have just as much to learn.

Source article (in Chinese) here.


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